Shelley Cameron, M.S.W.

Shelley Cameron is a Clinical Social Worker who received her BA from Acadia University in 2002, her BSW from the University of Manitoba in 2010, and her MSW from the University of Waterloo’s Renison University College in October, 2017.

Shelley began her Social Work Career working front line within the province of Nova Scotia’s Child Welfare Department. Shelley has experience working with and caring for children experiencing trauma. These positions have provided her with a unique perspective and experience in terms of the barriers presented for caregivers of children living with the effects of trauma when trying to seek out community and professional supports.  Shelley is trained in Cognitive Behavioural, Dialectical Behavioural Therapies and Exposure therapies aimed at addressing past trauma, identifying triggers of anxiety and subsequently supporting clients in alleviating triggers and anxious responses.  She also helps caregivers who struggle to parent children who are living with the effects of such anxiety disorders with parenting techniques.

Shelley is also trained in Sexual Health Therapies specifically related to supporting cancer survivors as well as their partners. She obtained this training specifically after recognizing the lack of resources and services available for such a large and specific population within the western region of Nova Scotia.

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